I can’t open my some pictures from SD card

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Good day!

Please help me with my problem. I tried to open some pictures using windows 7 from a camera SD card, a message displayed it has an ".md" extension (jpg.md) and can’t open it.

What should I do to open this pictures if I’m using windows 7?

Do I have to change the file extension?

Thank you…

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I can’t open my some pictures from SD card


Hi Dorota,

The following are the simple steps for yyou to open your pictures on Windows 7:

  • Try these steps if you are unable to see your file extension
  • At the top left of the window, click ORGANIZE and then hit folder and search option
  • Uncheck hide extensions for known file types by clicking the VIEW TAB
  • Hit OK to be able to apply the changes
  • Undo the changes after you found out the file extension

You can also check a different program by doing the following steps:

  • Open the picture or files that you wanted to open in MS Paint, Windows media player or media center and check the results
  • You can also check your files or pictures into a different computer to see if the files are corrupted or not



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I can’t open my some pictures from SD card


First of all check that your SD card does not contain some errors. Such as it may contain some virus or some other program that is causing to this problem. You can check for that by simply scan the computer also run a full virus scan to your computer and if your antivirus program is up to date then it will be more effective. So try to run a scan from a register and up to date anti virus program.

Now the next thing you need to do is to check that what is your picture format, does it supports your computer program on which you are running these pictures. Check the format of your pictures and see that they are either jpg, BMP or some other format. If they are in some other format then you can convert these pictures to your desired format and they will run fine.

Also check that your VGA card is working properly. If card is not working fine then replace that card or check it on another computer.

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I can’t open my some pictures from SD card


Hello Dorota,

The extension that the pictures are in might not be usable on your computer but they were readable on the phone. That is the format used for reading the pictures from the phone.

So will have to change the extension use the following simple procedure:

  • Locate one picture that is in the .md extension and right click on it.
  • Click on open with.
  • In the dialog box that will open  click on 'choose other programs'
  • From the list look for ms office picture manager and click on it.
  • Click OK.
  • You will have changed the default program for opening your files.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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I can’t open my some pictures from SD card


I'm very lucky that I found this thread, I am also experiencing the same problem. Thank you very much for giving the solution,

Zorian Crust

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