I have a problem in my desktop pc.

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I'm using a desktop.

This configuration is BiostarG41 DDR3 motherboard, RAM 2GB, and processors intel celeron 1.8 MHz. 

So my problem is when I play any games my pc didn't work properly some time hanging. I using windows 7.

Can you tell me what is the solutions for this.

I didn't want to change my windows. 

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I have a problem in my desktop pc.



The reason to slowness is the machine performance. You are using Windows 7. Actually it need 2GB ram to run the operating system well.

Before play a game Find out the minimum resources it need. If the requirements are fulfilled then install it.

You do not mention about the VGA that you had. It will also affect to the game speed. Sometimes it reject to play but sometimes it slow down the PC when playing high graphical required games.

Also remember to stop all other software’s that you running while you are playing the game.

If you shift to Windows XP, It will be some advantage, but if you do not like to shift you have to upgrade your performances of the PC.

Thank you….

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I have a problem in my desktop pc.


Hello Asif,

Although 2 GB is not a small size of memory and it can support some kind of games successfully, the play that you have on your system may be a bit heavier and therefore requires more memory to execute effectively.

My suggestion here will be that you upgrade your system memory to 4 GB and above which will ensure that the system has a very fast CPU speed and therefore resolve the hanging issues. Also check the space of your hard disk drive and upgrade it in case it is too small.

Also observe that you are not executing multiple programs when playing the game so that a lot of memory space is not taken by the other progams hence slowing down the computer.


Lee Hung

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I have a problem in my desktop pc.


Hello Asif1993,

As we checked the hardware components of your system unit the motherboard has an Onboard Video Intel GMA X4500 Graphics Controller with maximum of 256MB, a Processor used is Intel Celeron 1.8GHz and Memory of 2GB DDR3.

When it comes to PC gaming with your Desktop it’s true that some games will hang up due to lack of requirements on the system.

Some cause of hanging up the system might be your Hard disk drive need to be tune-up, to have disk defragment and need to delete unnecessary file if not needed so it can free some space in Hard disk drive. Moreover try upgrading your system unit with higher core processor, add additional 2GB and also the video card choose either ATI or Nvidia.

Let us examine the Windows 7 operating system requires 1GHz and 1GB RAM.

1.8 GHz Intel Celeron – 1GHz used in Windows 7 = 800MHz available

2GB RAM – 1GB RAM in Windows 7 – 256MB RAM in onboard video = 744MB RAM available  

In playing games now especially with 3D games these will probably hang up.

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I have a problem in my desktop pc.


Hi Asif1933:

First off, make sure your computer passes at least the minimum requirements of the game you are trying to run on your machine. If it doesn't, it will most likely slow down, hang or the game won't even be playable at all.

Most games require these days require at least a dual core processor and if it's a 3D game with a lot of special effects, you would need to have a discrete graphics processing unit to help out with processing the data.

Also make sure that your computer has enough air to cool the internal components. If your computer is running too hot, it will slow it down.

Thank you.

Hope this helps.

Clair june

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