I Have lost calculator from my nokia phone

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hi there!


i have a nokia 6303. i found there that there were no calculator there as it was in there before as i checked.

please let me know how can i reinstall it again?


thanking you



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I Have lost calculator from my nokia phone



Usually it happens when the calculator application disappears from the quick link buttons.

You can follow the following steps to find out if the calculator does exist in your phone or you need to install it.

  1. Tap the GO TO button
  2. Select the options 
  3. In APPLICATIONS scroll and navigate the apps
  4. The calculator must have been unchecked
  5. Tick the check box
  6. Save the settings 
  7. Again click the Goto button and calculator must be there

You can also go to applications and check if the calculator is installed on the memory card or phone. a replaced memory card could be the reason. if the calculator application does not exist then you can install it over here:


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I Have lost calculator from my nokia phone


Yes, these types of issues are ongoing with Nokia 6303 and most of the series 40 models. If you try installing the next updated Nokia firmware it will not be effective.

However, you can try installing the Nokia Java application created for S60 models; this has been effective for some S40 models since it’s being Java application based.

You can visit https://enhanced-calculator.en.softonic.com/symbian for installation.

From this enhanced calculator you will be able to perform simple additions / multiplications to much more complex equations since it is equipped with three modes, such as: Basic, Scientific & Financial.

This will be much more user friendly since it’s interface is well designed and presented.


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