I had installed 3.0 and it began to show some problems

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I had installed 3.0, and it began to show some problems, and that’s why I wanted to uninstall this software.

But, it did not uninstall successfully. Then, I installed the version 3.01 over the previous one.

Then I tried to uninstall it. And it uninstalled successfully.

I found no problem uninstalling the version 2. Here is the screen shot below-


Win64 not supported

The author of the package you are installing did not include support for this platform.

How do I remove or uninstall 3.0?

Please help.

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I had installed 3.0 and it began to show some problems


Hi Jo,

There are many ways to uninstall software 3.0.  I will recommend you a very simple way of uninstalling this  distribution service.

     1.  Restart your computer, when it is about to start continuously press F8 until you are in the safe mode.

     2.  Choose to log in as administrator with networking option and open the internet browser

     3.  In the Microsoft website, install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility. Run the program and select 3.0 program to    be          removed.

     4. Click OK to continue uninstalling the software.  Restart the computer in a normal  mode.

     5. Check if 3.0 program is still there or not. Click start>add/removed program, if it still exist remove it.

     6.  Run the Disk Defragmenter utility to ensure your computers performance. Find it at your computers accessories>tools

     7. Restart your computer

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