I got problem installing Windows XP

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Good day!


I got problem installing windows. When I tried to install software through Microsoft Installer it gives me an error that its already in use. I have confirmed in the task manager, but nothing found. My OS is Windows XP Professional. 

Please help me somebody.

Thank you…

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I got problem installing Windows XP


Hello Agata,

There maybe some partition on windows that's why you can install Windows XP. You can try the method below to fix your problem:

  • Disable the feature automatic disk translation
  • Change your disk type from large to auto or auto to large
  • To be able to use windows XP disk partition procedure, you need to modify your registry
  • Go to start and the run
  • On search bar, type regedit and hit ok
  • Point your cursor to NEW on the edit menu
  • Click dword value
  • As a new entry name, type in lessthan4gb
  • Next is right click lessthan4g and then modify
  • Click decimal in edit dword dialog box
  • Type 0 on dialog box and click ok
  • And then exit

You can repeat all the steps depending on how the large of your Ram. Example is lessthan4gb, lessthan8gb and so on


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I got problem installing Windows XP


Hallo Agata,

The software you are trying to install could be already installed on your computer, and therefore you will have to check to verify this. Go to the control panel and then click on programs and features and then click on add/remove programs. From the list of programs see if the program is installed. If is then you have to uninstall it for the installation you are trying to perform to be successful.

You can also see if the program is installed by checking in the program files.  Click on my computer, then the Local Disk (C:) and then open program files. Check if the program is there. If it refused to uninstall in the control panel then uninstall it from there.

Mahesh Babu

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I got problem installing Windows XP


If you are installing an application in Windows XP and you receive a message saying that it is “in use”, try restarting your computer then install the program again and see if it works. If this doesn’t work, one possible reason is your antivirus or internet security application. Basically, when you install a program, the antivirus or internet security application shifts its attention on the program you are installing.

It will try to check if the program contains malicious codes before it starts. Most of the time, the checking lasts only a couple of seconds and then releases it for execution. But if your antivirus or internet security didn’t release the program after scanning, this is when you will receive the message that the program is “in use”. This happens but in rare cases.

To fix this problem, disable your antivirus or internet security then install the program again. This should fix the problem. If the problem continues, install the program in Safe Mode. To do this, restart your computer then press F8 before the Windows logo appears. In “Advanced Boot Options” screen, select “Safe Mode” then hit Enter. Log in to your account and install the program.

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