I get pageviews from site like pu.gg and goo.gl?

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Why do I get page views from site like pu.gg, goo.gl?

Recently I received traffic from sites which have weird domain names like .gg and .gl. Do I need to get alarm of this? Can someone explain to me this thing? I'm really bothered because 1/4 of my traffic came from these sites. Is this one of those illegal websites?

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I get pageviews from site like pu.gg and goo.gl?


The Google or pu.gg is the tools for shorten link like bit.ly website for shorten link. After read your question, it seems your site/blog has traffic from people who's making fake emails, not from intruders. They want you to come to their site, but don't want you to see their real address.

Maybe because they run porn site, selling illegal drugs, etc. It's they tricks to get visitors to their website.
Other possibilities are they want to make unreal big traffic to your blog/site like click-bombing (it usually happen when you run AdSense, or could be came from your competitor).

The best thing you can do now are:
Report to AdSense support with picture of your suspicious traffic links (if you have AdSense account in there, you can use Google analytics to filter your traffics),
Use web plugins to block from suspicious web ip,
Never click any suspicious links which come to your site, which it may flood back your web/blog with strange traffic
And continue running your site/blog like there's nothing happen

You can find about these in Referrer spam is annoying and from Wikipedia about Referrer Spam

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