IeXplore caused a stack fault in module Wsock32.dll

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When I start or shutdown my computer, it attempts to start a program, or attempt to connect to the Internet, I am receiving the following error message:

Mtx_ caused an invalid page fault in module mtx_.exe

I2Xplore caused a stack fault in module Wsock32.dll

I am unable to use my anti- virus program. I also unable to connect to my anti-virus vendor's Web site. Please help me? I'm just stuck up here.

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IeXplore caused a stack fault in module Wsock32.dll


Hi there,

This is a simple way to connect properly to internet, please follow these suggestions.

  • Firstly you could visit this site to know about How to Connect a Computer To the Internet.
      The connection way is shown there.
  • Google Chrome is a better browser and it could be downloaded at website of  Download it to your personal computer and install accordingly.  This browser will helps you.  Before the download, the language of Google Chrome shall be selected. There are many choices and if you want to download English version, then choose English. If you want to download any another language version, just go head.
  • Since the Antivirus is disabled, un-install and re-install the Antivirus again. And the existing Antivirus might has been damaged or corrupted by the viruses.  I suggest that E-scan Antivirus is installed in your machine and run it whenever the computer is start up.  E-scan which is real-time is an useful antivirus program to protect your computer against data thieves, intruders, virus, trojan, spam and any other security threats.
  • You could download another AntiVirus at this site of

Hope these could help.  Thank you for your attention.

With best wishes,

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IeXplore caused a stack fault in module Wsock32.dll



These error messages are warnings that your PC is infected with some viruses. Generally there are several viruses which cause this matter such as W95.Oisdbo, W95.mtx, W32apology-B viruses, trojanmtx.exe or matrix viruses who damages or corrupts Wsock32.dll system file. I think these viruses have already attacked your antivirus software and your system is under extreme dangerous condition.

I strongly recommend you to disinfect the viruses with an online virus scan soon as possible. Then you need to repair or restore the damaged Wsock32.dll either by replacing Wsock32.dll from another PC or visit to repair it.

You may also need to check the Startup applications and services which are listed by navigating to Start > Run > type MSCONFIG > Start up tab. Uncheck suspicious applications and services and reboot machine.

(You must be very cautious not to uncheck system services and applications).

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