Unable to save pictures or images from the internet

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Dear All Readers,

I need help. Browsing the net is really my hobby and in addition to that, I really like saving nice pictures from the internet to my computer.

I am using a HP computer that is operating in Windows XP,and my browser is an Internet Explorer.

Whenever I try to right click and save any image, be it JPEG or GIF file, it will not do it.

I even tried to open my Mozilla Firefox, AOL as well as my Google Chrome and all are posing the same problem.

What do you think is the issue?

How can I make it work again?

Please help.



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Unable to save pictures or images from the internet


Hi Jessy,

This is an unsolved problem in Internet Explorer, and it might exist in other browsers too.

 If your Temporary Internet Files folder reaches a particular size, it won't be able to save JPEG/GIF pictures anymore.

 To be able to save JPEG again, you must clean your Temp folder. To do so,

  • In Internet Explorer:

1. Go to Tools > Internet Options > General Tab > Browsing History

2. Click on Delete > check everything > click OK

  • In Firefox:

1. Go to Options > Privacy tab

2. Click on "clear your recent history", check everything, click OK

I hope you will be able to save images again 🙂

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Unable to save pictures or images from the internet


Good day,

This problem might occur if there is a damage program file downloaded in the downloaded Program Files folder in your computer's hard disk. To resolve this issue, you need to delete either Unknown or Damage file under Downloaded Program Files.

You may follow the steps below.

First, Internet Explorer should be started.

Second, you need to empty the contents under Temporary Internet Files folder by clicking on Internet Options under the Tools Menu. Then click on the General tab, click Delete Files under Temporary Internet Files then click Ok when a pop up appears to delete all temporary Internet files.

Third, click on Internet Options under Tools Menu, click the General tab, click Setting under Temporary Internet files the click View Objects. You will see Downloaded Program Files window which shows the downloaded program files to the SystemRoot on your hard disk.

Remove the files listed as either Unknown or Damaged by right clicking on the file and clicking Remove. Click on Yes when you are asked to confirm the removal. Click Ok twice after you close the Downloaded Program Files.

If the steps above do not work. You may move the Temporary Internet Files folder to a new location. To do so. 

Open Internet Explorer browser, click Internet Options under the Tools menu. Under Temporary Internet files click on Settings on the General tab. Choose Move Folder.  

Select a new location in the Browse for Folder dialog box then click OK. Close the Settings.

Then click Yes, the Windows will then log you off. Log back in into the computer.

Hope the steps above helps.

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