I cannot find my scanner on control panel

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I formatted my computer and installed every software. I installed the scanners software also.

However, my computer does not find the scanner. What could be the problem and solution for this?
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I cannot find my scanner on control panel

  • Check the power and data cable first, then install the right software.
  • Connect your scanner with the computer;
  • Switch on power of the scanner;
  • Right click, my computer icon from desktop;
  • Click hardware tab, 
  • Then go to device manager and scan for new hardware; 
  • Insert the CD scanner CD, on CD drive and install it.

Please uninstall any previous scanner software.


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I cannot find my scanner on control panel


Before installing the scanner’s software on your computer, be sure to test first if the scanner can be detected by your computer. Most scanners are USB type so just plug its cable to one of your USB ports. Your computer should detect a new device on one of your USB ports. If your system doesn’t detect anything even after inserting the scanner’s USB cable to your CPU’s USB port, try transferring the cable to the next available port. Make sure also that the scanner is turned ON before plugging it into the USB port of the computer.

If it still can’t be detected even after inserting it into all the USB ports of your computer, then it is possible that its USB cable is damaged. Try buying a new replacement for the scanner’s USB plug. It’s useless to install its software if the device can’t even be detected by the system.

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