I cannot find the libraries and its settings

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Good day experts,

I want to backup my Libraries and all its contents and settings and make it a single file. For example:

Doc.lib: This file composed of links with all its folders and the information on the icons that are used for the library and its view type such as thumbnails and etc… This is just an example. I am not sure if there is such a file with this kind of settings that exists and I'm not sure on how to make a backup for this. So I am asking everyone if I can make a backup of all the libraries on my computer. If so, please send me some suggestions.





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I cannot find the libraries and its settings


You can either do this manually, by accessing the directory


Where each of the libraries defines on your system is saved with .library-ms extension.

(If for some reason the default library setting are not there, lookup in registry for "HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerShell" Folders with value "{1B3EA5DC-B587-4786-B4EF-BD1DC332AEAE}".



Or if you want you can use Windows 7 library tool, which provides very convenient way to access, modify and backup library listing.


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I cannot find the libraries and its settings


If you want to make a backup of your files on your computer and make it just one file, you can put them in one folder and then compress that folder. Once that folder is compressed, the resulting archive or compressed file will contain the folder and all of its contents. To do this, you can use file compressors like WinZip, WinRAR, or 7-Zip.

All of them are good but the first two software, WinZip and WinRAR, are commercial software which means they need to be bought to use the full features. You can use the free version or the trial version but they have limited functionalities and features. The third application is the best for me, 7-Zip.

The program is totally free while offering a much higher compression ratio than the other two when using the default 7z archive format. To try this, download the latest 7-Zip File Archiver and install it. Now, to make a single file backup of your files, create a new folder in your hard drive and copy all the files and folders you want to backup in that folder.

Once all the files and folders are in there, right-click the new folder you created then point to “7-Zip” and select “Add to archive.” Configure the compression settings. For best results, “Archive format” should be set to “7z”. You can select different settings in “Compression level” to adjust the strength of the compression. When you are finished with configuring, click “OK” to start compressing the folder.

Once the compression is finished, you will have something like “[folder name].7z”, for example, “Backup-folder.7z”. This is only one file but it contains the entire contents of the folder. You may now delete the folder you created and all of its contents and put the Backup-folder.7z file in a safe location.

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