I cannot access my calendar online

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After upgrading my Mac to Snow Leopard, I created an Exchange Mail Account and have gotten my contact working.

However, I cannot access my calendar online. When viewed on iCal, I can see the Exchange account and the information it has appears to be complete. I Just could not get it to go online. Do you have any suggestions how to get calendar to work?

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I cannot access my calendar online


When you are using the calendar online, you will need to know that not all browsers and devices support that feature, and therefore the problem is not with the upgrade that you made to snow leopard application.

Some of the devices that you can use to access the Calendar application are the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. But those that will not allow you to use the calendar including the browsers include the following: Safari does not support calendar access on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, but other browsers will allow access of the calendar on those devices.

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I cannot access my calendar online



Try this steps accordingly.
  1. Open "iCal" in "Snow Leopard".
  2. Go to Preferences from the iCal menu.
  3. Go to Accounts tab.
  4. On the bottom left side, click the + sign to create/add a new account.
  5. Select "CalDav" option under "Account type".
  6. Enter the iCloud (.me) name. (Eg: [email protected]).
  7. Enter the iCloud password.
  8. Hold down option & click Continue.
  9. The server address will be "pxx-caldav.icloud.com" .
  10. Here is where it could be somewhat challenging. You have to determine your iCloud account number. To that, log in to iCloud on web. Click your name or picture to get to your account settings page. If you are not having a picture there, you will need to upload a new photo.

    Once uploading is done, right click on it, choose Inspect Element (On safari). (If you don’t see the Inspect Element option, you’ll have to go into Safari Preferences, go to Advanced tab and make certain that there is a check mark for “Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar”.) Search "contacts.icloud.com". You will eventually find something like <img src=”https://pxx-contacts.icloud.com:443/xxxxxxxx/wcs/…>.

    Here, xxxxxxxx is your unique iCloud account number. It can be seven, eight or nine characters. Check your pxx number, it is at the beginning after the https://.

  11. The server path:  /xxxxxxxx/principal/
  12. Make certain that the port is 443 and SSL is selected.

Hope this will fix the issue.

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