I can’t login on the site

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Three weeks ago I was able to login on a certain website normally, but just today I am having difficulty logging in.

I tried to search for possible solutions to my problem on the net and it gave me some.

I tried all the possible solutions from checking my password if it is correct to allowing cookies to my browser but still I am having difficulty logging in.

A friend of mine ask me to type JavaScript:alert(document.cookie)” in my address bar and something appeared on the screen (see attached picture).

What does this mean?

Can you help me figure out the problem and what is the best solution for this? 


_utma=59713359.20545131056 I. 1337365O3 LJP?I 7505. 1117825010.8



_uynz=59713359.133719656311 utmcsr=(direct) |utmccn==(direct)|utmcmd=(none)


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I can’t login on the site


Hi Quas01, 

I'm sorry to hear about your experience. 

That command was made so that you can see the cookies every time you log in. 

In this scenario, It seems like its more inconvenient. 

Anyhow. You just need to overwrite the JavaScript by entering this code

"javascript.alert()" (if this doesn't work go preferences/securities uncheck JavaScript -but you don't want that)

For your password to work, I would suggest doing the reverse. 

Clear your cache and cookies 

Go to preferences on your safari, go to securities, then click on show cookies and then remove all. 

Hope that helps! 

Paul Pinalb

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I can’t login on the site


I also believe the same as suggested by Paul above, clear your browser cookies after over writing your java script as this will rectify this error.

Also you can try reinstalling your browser if that may help.

Also logging in from some of the browser will also solve the problem.

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