I am getting a lot of errors when installing programs

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I am facing a problem regarding Windows XP at present.

I have tried my best to solve the problem, but I am afraid that the situation is worse than before.

Right now my system will not permit two things
a) Welcome Screen is unable to be shown
b) Several kind of software are not to being installed
a) Problem a happened all the way through problem b. To try to solve the issue of unable to install software, I used the system restore option. I used this along with a Windows 'vista theme', which altered the look of my desktop/welcome screen/ etc.. After the restore, a little detail of the theme was not at all there, namely the start bar and the welcome screen. Although I have changed the theme, and several skin tones are normal again, the Welcome Screen is not shown, even if it is already enabled in the Control Panel.

b) My computer has been unable to install software after that. It is my observation that the error messages are often about being unable to 'copy' files, 'create' folders, 'need administrator capabilities' (my user is an administrator), etc.

I tried to run System Restore to get rid of this problem, but I still get the errors.

An example of an error is shown below:

iTunes incur error dialog box as follows, before unexpectedly making end mid-installation ;-

“Error getting file security: C:Program FilesCommon FilesAppleMobile Device SupportbinYSFileShim.dll

GetLastError: 5”

Photoshop also shows another error message:


Windows Installer

The path C:Documents and SettingsLewis BurneMy DocurnentsMy DownIoadsPhotoshop TryOutJPhotoshop CS2Adobe(R) Photoshop(R) CS2Adobe Photoshop CS2.msi' cannot be found. Verify that you have access to this location and try again. or try to find the installation package Adobe Photoshop C52.msi in a folder from which you can install the product Adobe Photoshop CS2.


I could not download Windows Media Player. Anyhow I think my Photoshop software error is tough even.

There is no clue even for me about this problem.

I shall be grateful to the person who can help me. This matter is much annoying.

Thanks so much.

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I am getting a lot of errors when installing programs



It’s seems your logged in user have not administrative access power.

When a software being installs, it has an access control power to be installed.

But your system does not responding with this access control of this software.

It may caused for some missing of .dll file of your system.

This missing may occurred by some virus or unsuccessful software installation.

At first clean your system with a reputed antivirus. If it did not work repair your windows with bootable CD/DVD. 

And last solution is to install your windows cleanly.

I hope it may work.

Bugal kanon

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I am getting a lot of errors when installing programs


The problem with your Adobe Photoshop is only with a missing installer file, Adobe Photoshop CS2.msi. Maybe after your early attempt to install this application you made a disk cleanup on your hard drive that’s why all of the temporary installation files were gone and deleted from your system.

If you have the installer disc for Adobe Photoshop CS2, load it on the optical drive and try installing it again.

As with your iTunes, check again if the current version of this application you are installing is compatible with your Windows version. Obtain a copy of iTunes that is compatible with Windows XP.

Since you are having these different errors in your computer, I’m not sure if your Windows XP is installed properly. I think the best thing to do right now since your computer displays different sorts of errors when installing software and even when starting your computer, is to delete the partition and then create a new one. After creating the new partition, install Windows XP again.

Install a much reliable antivirus next time like for example Norton Internet Security 2012.

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