HUGIN C++ API 6.6 error ‘Fatal Error LNK1104

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I am facing an error problem with HUGIN C++ API 6.6. The error is ‘Fatal Error LNK1104. It is not able to open the file ‘C:Program.obj’. I have checked the manual of API and says that ‘DO’ but I have no idea how can be done this.

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HUGIN C++ API 6.6 error ‘Fatal Error LNK1104


Hi Hannah,

This type of error usually cause by dependency specification in a lib file that had space in it's path. So basically the path in the program need to be quoted for proper compilation. Just go to your Configuration Properties > Linker > then Input tab of Project Property. It can be resolve by changing it's property from ;  C:Program Filessoftware sdkliblibrary.lib to " C:Program Filessoftware sdkliblibrary.lib"

Now Rerun your Program.

Hope it helps.


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HUGIN C++ API 6.6 error ‘Fatal Error LNK1104


Hi there user:

This error is occurred within specifying dependency to a library file, which had spaces within (its) path. The path should be surrounded by its quotes so the project compile correctly.

Below is how you'll fix it.

Go to the Configuration Properties -> Linker -> input tab of the property (projects property), you will see Additional Dependencies Property.

Change ‘C:Program Filessoftware sdkliblibrary.lib’ to ‘C:Program Filessoftware sdkliblibrary.lib’

Hope this could help. Feel free to post again here at

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