Hp-inkjet printer showing deleted print command in print queue.

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While using HP-Inkjet printer, I have given multiple print commands then I deleted some print commands from print queue. But these command are still there in print queue. I always have to restart my pc one or two time to remove that print command from the print queue. And sometimes printer does not after deleting some print commands. Please suggest solution for this problem.
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Hp-inkjet printer showing deleted print command in print queue.



ear Ave Broers

This is very well known printer issue and has multiple solutions. I am listing the solution one by one.

Solution 1:

1. Copy the following code and paste it a "new text file" and save it as .bat file

:: Created by: Samuel Hathera
:: https://www.techyv.com
net stop spooler
del /F /Q %systemroot%System32spoolPRINTERS*
net start spooler

2. Double click and run the batch file.

3. Your printer queue will be empty now.

4. You can try to use and check the printer.

Solution 2:

If solution 1 doesn't work then follow the instructions below.

1. Right click on "My computer"  click on "manage".

2. Click the "services and application" as you can see in attached fig1.

3. Then click on "services" as you can see in fig 2

4. Scroll down the page and  double click on  print spooler as you can see in attached fig 3.

5.Click on stop as you can see in figure 4.

6. Open the run prompt from start menu (or you can use windows + r shortcut keys) and type the command and press enter as shown in figure 5.

7. This will open the printer queue. Delete all the files in printer folder (if there is any available) as you can see in attached figure 6. But please keep in mind and do not delete the printer folder itself.

8.Now again come to the point 5 and click on start as you can see in figure 7.

9.Now click on ok and start the printer, hope your problem have resolved.

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