How will Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365 integrates with QuickBooks

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Hello People,

How will Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365 integrates with QuickBooks? I tried a test of Office 365 with the latest version of QuickBooks, QuickBooks Enterprise 2012 R9 and encountered some problems. And when I try to integrate Excel with Quickbooks and update the spreadsheet within QuickBooks, I got the error message below:


The Microsoft Excel version installed on this machine is not compatible with QuickBooks. Refer to QuickBooks Help topic fix Microsoft Excel to see which versions are supported. You must have one of these versions to use Export.


And when I try to integrate it with Word,  I experienced a problem in the process, I got the error below:

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please help the QuickBooks team eliminate this issue by providing us with the following information. Code: 00000 16203

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How will Microsoft Office 2013 or Office 365 integrates with QuickBooks


QuickBooks Enterprise 2012 R9 is not designed to work with Office 2013; it was designed for Office 2012. The two can’t be really compatible when Enterprise V12 was released way before the official release of Office 2013.

However there are several instances where QuickBooks can be used together with Excel 2013 and below are some examples;

Exporting reports from QBs to Excel: Select a report; click the Excel button as shown below and select create a new worksheet.

Although a bit slow, it worked perfectly well. Just ensure the copy of Office 2013 is registered and activated before trying this. Here is a sample report I created, check out some of the user interface changes in Office 2013.


Making a choice between a 32 bit and a 64 bit computer

Most people are now migrating to 64 bit computers and 32 bit are slowly being phased out, the question then arises if one also needs a 64 bit Microsoft Windows on a 64 bit computer. Although it allows for more memory while working, I doubt if people will really need it.

My final verdict is that people should just stick to using 32 bit Version of Office even if they have 64 bit systems, this is because many applications including QuickBooks will have problems with the 64bit version of Office.

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