How to use different header/footer in Microsoft word?

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I prepare many reports using Microsoft word. When preparing I use header footer option. But my question is the same header footer is appearing on all pages. Can’t I use different header/ footer in several pages?

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How to use different header/footer in Microsoft word?


Yes you can have a different header / footer in Microsoft word. However, in order to have a different header / footer you have to break the entire document into sections according to the place that you want to change it. I will explain it through an example.

I will take a word sheet with four pages and break it into 2 sections. That means page 1 and 2 are one section. Page 2& 3 is another section.

In order to break sections, first click on the 2nd Page, click on the Page Layout tab and click on the Breaks.

Page layout Word

Now click on the next page in the section breaks.

Page Layout Next page

Now click on the first page, click on the insert tab, click on the Header and click on the edit header.

Edit Header MS Excel

Type the first header that you want. I will type it as “header 1”.

Header Footer Design

Now click on the third page and in the same way go to the edit header.

Then click on the “Link to previous” in order to disable the link with the previous section.

Lin to previous

Then edit the header as “Header 2”.

MS Word Header and Footer

Now you can see that there are 2 headers in page 2 & 3.

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How to use different header/footer in Microsoft word?



You can actually do that. A different header or footer. 

I will explain how to add and remove headers and footer. 

On the View Menu of your Word Program, Click Header and Footer. After that you can notice that you cannot edit the body of the document and you are presented an area above and below the page. In that Area, you can edit the header and footer of the documents. 

Header and Footer can be change according to the following categories: 

1. You can have Headers and Footers for the First page only

2. You can have a different Headers and Footers on an Odd and Even Pages. 

3. You can also have different headers and footers for sections of a Document. 

For more information on the details of how to perform it. Please refer to

Loida Arcel

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How to use different header/footer in Microsoft word?


It is possible to have different headers and footer in a word document, but you will need to your document into separate sections in order to break the connection because word maintains the default header and footer throughout the document when you first create the header and footer. So it is important to first break this connection by having different section of the document. You can do this by following these steps;

  • First create section breaks.
  • Then in your open document, click anywhere within a section break where you want the header or footer to appear.
  • If you are using Word 2007 and above, click the Insert tab ribbon and chose either the Header or Footer and click on either Edit Header or Edit Footer depending on what you want. If however you are using an earlier version, select Header and Footer from the View Menu.
  • Deselect Link to Previous from the Header and Footer toolbar.
  • They either make changes to the existing header and footer or create a new header or footer for this section.
Deselect Link to Previous MS Word

These settings will automatically be applied to all the headers and footers in the subsequent sections. Repeat the above steps in case you want different headers and footer for these sections. Also check out the Microsoft help or the website.

Header Sections Word Header MS Word Header

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