How to update a sofware for Linux terminal”sudoapt command”

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I want to update a entertain software, however I do not know how to get about the sudo command in Linux terminal, How do I get about this? is there a manual for the sudo commands for beginner that explains the different sudo commands and their interpretation? where can I get this sudo- command manual?

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How to update a sofware for Linux terminal”sudoapt command”


sudo command allows an already permitted user to execute a command as the super user or another permitted user, as specified in the sudoers file in that particular linux system.

Where, apt-get is the command-line utility for handling packages in linux

sudo apt-get install manpages manpages-dev command can be used to first install manual pages using the apt-get utility.

After executing the above mentioned command you can access manual page of a command through e.g man sudo, man apt-get.

There are other "front-end" interfaces exists in linux, such as synaptic and aptitude.


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