How to uninstall wxpython on Mac OS?

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I need help in uninstalling wxpython 2.8 from my Mac OSX 10.6. My computer is a Mac OSX version 10.6.6., and my Python version is ActiveState Python 2.7.1. Meanwhile, the wxpython’s version is wxpython 2.8., the one that uses Carbon API and is limited to 32-bit arch mode.

I installed the wxpython 2.8-osx-unicode-py2.7 from the wxpython website using their .dmg installer file. Since this package is limited to 32-bit mode, I have to write my applications using “arch-i386” so that I could import wx. With this limitation, I could not import specific packages such as MySQLdb since it is not available in 32-bit mode.

I assume that the best option I have is to uninstall wxpython 2.8 and then install wxpython 2.9. I have heard that the 2.9 version uses Cocoa API which supports both 32-bit and 64-bit modes.

I was hoping you could teach me how I can uninstall my wxpython 2.8 from my Mac OSX.

I would appreciate any form of help. Thank you. 

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How to uninstall wxpython on Mac OS?


Hallo Christian,

Have you tried uninstalling the program from the control panel? If no, then I will suggest that you try that:

  • Just launch Finder and search for the a name of the application. Note that you can narrow the search to specific folders so that to get the application faster.
  • Search for the  "File Name" vs "Contents" so as to get better results. You can click the + (plus) and add the search in the  "Other…", and then "System files", Choose  "don't include" and change he option to "include".
  • Sort by whichever means that will help you find it faster. eg. Name, date etc.
  • After that delete all files and folders related to the application that you want to uninstall.
  • Reboot the computer to remove it completely.


Lee Hung

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