How to turn off fonts in adobe illustrator?

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Hi! I need some help with Adobe Illustrator. When I use it, all 847 fonts installed on the computer are on and active.

I turned them off for several times in the Font Book, but every time they were still active when I got back to Illustrator.

The aspect that bothers me the most is the long time I must spend scrolling through the long list of characters to find the one I need.

I would be very grateful if anyone could find a way to solve my problem

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How to turn off fonts in adobe illustrator?


Hi Jejohn,

The first option I will suggest to you is to remove all the fonts except the core system fonts then use a font management system for example Extensis Suitcase or Font Explorer pro.

Another option is disabling fonts by going to edit in the main menu, click preference and choose types. In the font preview's option at the bottom, check then for a box which should be on the left side the option name then click inside to disable the font's preview. To be sure that you have disabled check that the check box is not visible this is the way to know that you have been successful in your disabling operation. This should be able to help you fix you problem.


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