How To Windows Scan And Repair Corrupt Files Windows 10

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I have noticed that my computer has slowed down a lot in just a few days. I have also seen it behave weirdly in some instances. I am worried that my computer has got some virus or some corrupt files. I do not know how to run a scan. Can you tell me how to windows scan and repair?

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How To Windows Scan And Repair Corrupt Files Windows 10


You can open the antivirus software installed on your computer and run a complete system scan for viruses and malware. As far as corrupt files are concerned, the procedure is a little different. If you are on Windows 10, follow the instructions given below.

Log on as the system admin. Open Command Prompt (as admin). Type “sfc /scannow” and press Enter. Let the scan complete. This can take some time depending on your computer so be really patient and let it complete. If it finds a problem, it will notify you and attempt to solve it by installing a fresh or new version of the corrupt file.

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How To Windows Scan And Repair Corrupt Files Windows 10


If your computer suddenly operates so slow, try scanning your computer for virus infection. When a computer or system is completely infected, the performance of the machine goes down very poorly. Booting Windows takes forever and most of the software are not working. If your antivirus is also not working, it means the infection crippled the security program.

In this case, you need a virus removal tool to remove the virus. Download Sophos Virus Removal Tool. Once installed, start Sophos then wait for the virus signature database to get updated. When updating is complete, click to start scanning your computer. Sophos scans everything on your computer including devices connected via USB port.

When a virus is found at the end of the scan, remove it then repeat the scan over and over until it no longer detects a virus. Don’t disable your antivirus when using the tool. Sophos works alongside any antivirus program you may have. Note: this is not an antivirus so don’t use it as replacement to your antivirus.

It is just a tool to remove hard-to-detect viruses. It doesn’t have real-time protection like what antivirus programs provide. This tool will automatically stop working when it reaches the end of its usability period. If you want to continue using it, you have to download the program again. If after scanning and cleaning the system you still encounter some errors, try using the System File Checker utility.

Press the Windows key + R to bring up the “Run” dialog then type the following command then hit Enter:

sfc /scannow

Insert your Windows installation CD or DVD when you are prompted then continue. Wait until it is complete. When it is finished, restart the computer.

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