Google mobile/ phone android malware

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I have read that there is a malware in android that will steal your personal info, has anyone experienced this?

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Google mobile/ phone android malware


Every operating system that is being used by a big number of people becomes the target of intruders. After windows the same has been happening with the Android. From the pie chart we can see the top malware of the Android OS. Intruders always have the greed to get a hand on your personal data and use it for their own dark purposes. Different software companies have jumped in with protection software for this.

To name a few Sophos and AVAST are the ones that have specially designed antivirus for mobile security. Major of the offered securities for android are free now so pick one for your own protection.

Malware on Android
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Google mobile/ phone android malware


It seems that Kaspersky Labs, the creator of the Kaspersky antivirus, may have uncovered the first known targeted malware attack on Android handsets. Malware is very common to infect or infiltrate computers but is not yet known on Smartphones either running on Android or the iOS operating systems.

The discovery of the first known attack on an Android Smartphone happened on March 24 of this year. Kaspersky Labs explained that on this day, attackers broke into the email account of a high profile Tibetan activist.

The attack used that email account to send a “spear-phishing” email to its contacts list. The email has an attachment called “WUC’s Conference.apk” which is actually an Android application installer.

The individuals included in the contacts list who opened the email from their Smartphones together with the attachment would be surprised because it will open an Android application. Once installed, it will display the application called “Conference” among installed applications.

This is the image of the phishing email sent to the contacts list.

This is the image of the Android application attached in the phishing email.

Android application attached in the phishing email

If the user tries to open the application, it will display a window containing the information about the forthcoming conference. While the user is reading the message, the application will report back to a “command-and-control server” before actually collecting any personal information from the Smartphone.

The would-be collected information includes the following: contacts stored on the SIM card and on the handset, text messages or SMS, call logs, its Geo-location, and information about the handset like its phone number, handset model, and its operating system.

This is the image of the message after opening the application.

WUC Conference

Kaspersky Labs traced the origin of the attack and they were pointing to Beijing. The attack used the IP address for its command and control server pointing to Los Angeles, California as a mere diversion. For more information about this attack, please visit Targeted Malware Attack On Android Phones Steals Contacts And Text Messages.

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