How To Convert 0x04 To Decimal?

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Hi, please help me to convert 0x04 into a decimal value. As far as I know, there is no ‘x’ in hexadecimal values. How to do this?

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How To Convert 0x04 To Decimal?


Yes, you are right. There is no ‘x’ in hexadecimal values. The “0x” on the left is just a symbol to denote hexadecimal value. You need to convert 04 into decimal (which is already in decimal). Following is the method to convert hexadecimal to decimal.
Starting from the right-hand side, you need to multiply each digit with 16^n where n starts from zero and increases by one as we move leftwards. Then you need to add the results.

Consider 0x04,
4*16^0 = 4*1 = 4
0*16^1 = 0*16 = 0

The addition of four and zero will give us four, which is the decimal of 0x04.

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