Can I watch video .M4v file on Nokia 5800?

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Hi friends,

I downloaded a music video files on my Nokia 5800 phone. File format is .m4v. I open the file, but it can not read. Is there any way I can view the file? Thank your advance.


Nhung Tran

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Can I watch video .M4v file on Nokia 5800?


The fact is that Nokia 5800 does not support the video format M4V. These file types usually supports only for IPods as iTuneS video. But you can convert the file format of the M4V file and play it as a MP4 file. Please follow the instructions below.

1. First you have to download a media file converter to your phone in order to convert those M4V files. Please download the "format factory" software from the below link for free. It is simple and easy to handle.

2. Download and install it. The special feature in this software is it supports iPod and iTunes formats.

3. Set the output as "all to mobile devices" and you can select your phone as the default device. It will convert all files in a format which supports the Nokia 5800 after the setting.

4. Then you can add files individually or as multiple files and start converting them.

5. This is the only option you have if you want to view those M4V files on your Nokia 5800. If you do have a media converter that supports iPod videos then use it without downloading the above software.

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Can I watch video .M4v file on Nokia 5800?


Hi Nhung,

Yes you can download and watch these on your mobile

Firstly, you have to rename the.m4v to .mp4 and I hope it will work.

Secondly, if the first procedure doesn’t work than convert the video format to MP4, you can also use free video converters but kindly download these video converter on your phone. Here is a link for downloading video converter.



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