How To Connect Dell Laptop To TV By Both VGA And HDMI Connections?

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I have a Sony Bravia 32 inches HDTV with a setup box connection. Also, I recently bought a Dell laptop. The shopkeeper said that I can connect this system to the TV, but I forgot to ask the process. Any help on how to connect Dell laptop to TV?

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How To Connect Dell Laptop To TV By Both VGA And HDMI Connections?


To hook up your television to the laptop for better home entertainment, use one of the methods below:

  1. VGA Connection
  • Turn off both TV and Laptop.
  • Connect the input of VGA cable to the Sony Bravia and the other end to the output of Dell.
  • Turn on both the devices.
  • Press the Menu button on television’s remote, and then select Input > Computer. Press OK.
  • On the computer device, go to Control Panel > Display > Adjust Resolution.
  • Select ‘Detect’ to have the Dell computer search the TV. Make sure the ‘Duplicate Display’ button has the checked mark and adjust the screen positions for best performance.
  1. HDMI Connection
  • Power off both devices.
  • Connect one end to the input of Bravia and other end of HDMI Cable to the laptop.
  • Switch on both the systems.
  • Select Display from the Sony menu.
  • Scroll down for HDMI Connection and press OK.
  • Go to the Control Panel to access the display settings. Select ‘Adjust Resolution’, and then click on ‘Detect’.
  • Check the ‘Duplicate Display’ box and drag the monitors to appropriate positions for proper display.

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