How to stop Microsoft upload service?

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Hello techyv,

How to stop Microsoft upload service? Sometimes when I am in a middle of online business there is a window keeps on popping up telling me about the upload service of Microsoft system. I am using windows 7 Os, I hope there is a way to get rid of that popping up window for it is very annoying. Thank you.

Expecting some help from you guys.

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How to stop Microsoft upload service?


Hello Campbel.

This problem occurs when automatic update option is turned on. You can easily fix this problem. Just follow the steps given below:

1) Click on Start button.

2) Go to All Programs and will find an option 'Windows Update'. Click on that.

3) On the left side of the pane, you can see an option 'Change Setting'. Click on that.

4) Now turn off the Automatic Update option.

Your problem is solved now. You can also turn this on later if you needed.

Thank you for your question.

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How to stop Microsoft upload service?



You are ask here to stop Microsoft upload service. You want to get rid of the pop up window as it is annoying you. Here the procedure how to get rid of windows upload service.

  • Press Ctrl+ Alt + Del then click Task Manager.
  • Click the processes tab.
  • Under image name, find MSOSYNC.exe. click it to select it
  • Click end process.
  • Do the same for OSPPSVC.exe.
  • Click yes to the Task Manager warning message.

Restarts Windows For no repeat of the same disturbance.

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How to stop Microsoft upload service?


Dear Janet

I have read your question and I understand that you need to stop Microsoft upload screen from popping up onto your windows while doing something important. I will be gladly to help you with this, Microsoft has to check for the windows new updates every time you are online, and when they find new updates they alert you that it is going to be installed and that is when this windows pop up,  but you can manage that doing the following steps:

1- To manage the windows update options:

On start menu click on control panel

Click on system and security on the left side of the control panel window

Now click on windows update

Click on change settings on the left side, here you can change all the settings of how Microsoft informs you about updates and how it is installed.

Under important updates, it is written install updates automatic it is recommended and there is a check beside it, it means that you have chosen Microsoft to check for updates whenever you are online automatically

From the same window you can manage this option or you can just stop it by choosing never check for updates, not recommended.

2- To choose a specific time for updates :

Beside install new updates you have days and hours, it allows you to choose an exact day and date when Microsoft windows will check for updates every time, instead of being every day it will be on that time you will chose.

3- To check for updates manually

Now if you chose to disable the windows update by choosing the never check for updates option, you will need to check for updates manually in order to keep your windows up to date and to do that you need to follow these steps:

On the start menu click on start

Click on control panel

Click on system and security

Click on windows update

On the left side click on check for updates

It is recommended to check for updates manually at least once a week

In case you chose never check for updates, which means you don’t want updates to run automatically, then you will have to run the updates manually.

Best of Luck.

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