Linux vs Unix based systems?

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Hey friends,

I want to ask what are the core differences using Linux based PC and Unix based. I mean what differences this OS based are in normal PC's and MAC based. Please give me detailed list what are the differences between these two OS based PC's and which one is better? Thanks in advance.

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Linux vs Unix based systems?



Linux is the OS that comes from UNIX. UNIX is the basement of Linux that made it possible to develop completely new OS, different than Windows.

Undoubtedly, Linux is UNIX. Its file type, data management, execution method, environment; everything is completely different. Normal PCs generally indicate to Windows. Windows was developed by Microsoft, and still under Microsoft’s hand. It’s the most powerful OS all over the world, still the best from its very beginning. The most successful version of Windows are Windows XP and Windows 7. They have dominated the world and still ruling.

The main difference is between their basements. Linux is UNIX-based, where Windows is based on Windows NT- one of its ancestral OS that was developed using C++ and Assembly.

Linux is open-source, available for free where Windows isn’t. It costs more than $150 to have a good edition.

Mac is also a Linux. Though the GUI and other components seem different, both are same. As Linux is open-source, Mac developers just built their own Linux by modifying the code and making it look completely different.

It’s too hard to explain the difference between Windows and Linux. I recommend you to use both OS to understand quite clearly. The best Windows is Windows 7 and Linux comes in the form of Ubuntu, the best Linux ever.

Over Linux, Windows has many advantages. It’s fast enough and powerful to make all hardware function properly. As a large number of people use it, there are trillions of apps available for this OS and best use for all purpose – from personal use to large business use.

Linux is best for security. Windows have many security flaw where Linux doesn’t. But the number of softwares available for this platform is too poor compared to Windows’s. Though using Wine, Windows programs could be run under Linux, this isn’t so good.

Both are popular and the choice depends on the taste of one’s mind. I highly love Windows, and no other OS can make me separate from it. Test both OS and choose the perfect one for you.

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