How to solve Windows XP setup errors?

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Hi Friends,

I have got a problem while installing the Windows XP on my desktop pc. I have already tried for three times. But I was failed to setup it. I have gotten the following errors.

1. Fatal error installation failed:d:1386asms

2. One of the components that windows needs to continue setup could not be installed.

3. The parameter is incorrect.

4. The request could not be performed because of an i/o device error.

I don’t know anything about these errors. Could anybody explain me about these errors and how to get rid of these problems?

Thank you very much.

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How to solve Windows XP setup errors?

Hello and Good Day,
1. First make sure your CD/DVD RW is working fine.
2. Make sure the Disk is very clean surface this is important trust me.
3. If you using an old IDE Cable, replace a new one. Some IDE cable is weak after long time usage. 
4. Update your Motherboard Bios.
5. General Clean your Computer.
6. Try another CD/DVD Drive and Windows CD.
7. Do a clean windows install.
8. Patience.
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How to solve Windows XP setup errors?


Windows XP set up error is caused by several reasons. Here I have given much solution to fix it.

Solution 1: It may be caused for a application which conflicts your setup process. You may able to overcome this problem by dynamic update feature. After updating you have to install application and continue the setup process.

Solution 2: You have to rename the config.sys and autoexec.bat files and setup a Microsoft windows 98 or Microsoft Windows Millennium. After installing Windows 98 then you can setup windows XP. I hope your problem may be solved.

Solution 3: If you could not resolve the problem from above method then you can apply Windows XP repair system to fix operating system setup. XP repair system detect virus and programs which conflict the setup process and fix them. For windows XP repair system you have to insert a XP installation CD in your CD/DVD ROM. Then restart the computer and press any key to boot from CD.

Press enter key twice to enter the XP setup screen. Then press f8 for confirmation license agreement and choose XP installation. After choosing XP installation you have to press key “R” to start XP repair process. It fixes all virus, program and bad sector which conflict the setup process. Then reboot your computer and start again setup process. I hope your problem may be solved.

Solution 4: It may be caused due to hard drive error. For solving hard drive error you have to convert the hard drive into mbr drive where you desire to keep the XP install program. For converting hard drive insert a XP CD into CD/DVD ROM and restart the computer. Then press any key to boot CD. Press key “R” and type “diskpart” and press enter. Then type “select disk c/d/e/f” (where you desire to install XP) and type “convert mbr and press enter. Then reboot your computer and start install process again.

Solution 5: If it is caused due to BIOS related problem then you can then you have to update your BIOS for latest BIOS system.

Solution 6: You can use “PC Health Advisor” software for detecting and fixing all setup related virus, conflict program and bad sector. Download and install it to resolve your problem.

Solution 7: Some times it is caused from CD/DVD ROM. If you have multiboot system then you can install XP from USB drive.

Solution 8: If you have used Windows XP SP3 and could not setup then you can use XP SP2.

Solution 9: It may be caused for infecting a strong virus in your system drive. So you can use a strong Anti Virus with license key and scan your computer fully. You can use Kaspersky Internet security.

Solution 10: If you will fail to resolve the problem then you should seek technician who is expert in this field.

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How to solve Windows XP setup errors?


I thought there was a problem with the specifications of your computer that’s why you can’t install Microsoft Windows XP until I see “I/O device error”. If you receive this during installation, it means there is something wrong with one of the hardware of your machine and since you are installing Microsoft Windows which requires installing via an optical drive then the “I/O” error points to your optical drive.

In this case, check that the optical drive is connected properly to your computer. Turn off or shut down your machine then open the CPU case. Next, disconnect all the cables connected to your optical drive. After this, connect the ribbon cable or data cable back to the optical drive. For the power supply, connect the other power supply cable to the optical drive.

Now, turn on your CPU then check that the optical drive works or initiates on startup. Try installing Windows XP again. If the problem continues, install Windows XP from a USB flash drive.

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