How to solve phone and modem option’s error?

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Hello Friends

I am having a problem with the "Phone and Modem Options" setting in the Control Panel of my pc. When I try to setting up the dialing rule for the first time, "Location Information" dialog pops up, where I am supposed to enter information about the current location.

I am supposed to enter my country, my area code, my carrier code and a number to access an outside line. The problem is that the "Country/Region" drop down box is totally empty. So, it is not possible to enter any data there to select a country. When I rest all of the information, when I press OK I get a message dialog which is like- "Missing Information" that I got to enter the country where I am calling from .

This error or problem leads me to a very difficult side effect that I am unable to change the phone numbers of my contacts in Outlook. Cause every time when I try to change any contact there, I get the same dialog box and I get stuck at this point. I have already tried to reinstall my modem drivers. But I got no good result. I do not know what is the root of this problem? Is it a viral effect? Should I try to reinstall my operating system? Please any one help me to solve this matter. I am really having an annoying situation.


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How to solve phone and modem option’s error?


Hi Merrit,

There are 2 things you have to check up before to solve this problem.

Go to Control Panel and check these items.

1. Region and Language.

2. Location and Other Sensors. (In Windows 7)

Let's take the 1st one.

When you get the Region and Language dialog box, you will see a Location tab. Just simply click it.

Check whether you got the same problem in this drop down also.

Let's take the 2nd one.

When you get the Location and Other Sensors, click the Default Location in the below of the left panel. Then the default Location screen will appear.

You can get the same screen from the Location tab on Region and Language dialog box we use in the 1st step.

There you also get a Country/ Region drop down. Check whether you got the same problem in this drop down also.

If the problem still remains, there must some malfunction going on your control panel. It may be due to some dirty job of a malware.

You have to clean your registry.

Go to Run dialog box and type there regedit.

Follow these paths

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionTelephonyCountry List

Did you see any list? If you see any list, don't worry about the empty drop down because country list is still there. Only problem is it's not displaying.

Reason is for this is Control panel applets preventing from running accurately.

Phone and modem Options: telephon.cpl

Time and Date Properties: timedate.cpl

Region and Language Options: intl.cpl

Above are the applets that are running for them. You can get them from any workable place and replace them.

The path for above cpl files is stored.


If you are familiar with registry editing, follow the below path.


For example I edit it like this.

AreaCode : REG_SZ : 94

Country : REG_DWORD : 5e

Name : My Location

Well the Area Code and Country is referring to the codes in the country list. If you don’t get any country list as I mentioned above, you can get them, the reg file of country list from another computer and double click the file in your computer and write the registry entry.

I think it’s better if you can have a full scan on your machine. Because this scenario is not normal in windows environment. Surely you might have some malware infection on your system. Remember to keep your virus guard up-to-date. You can try some software like Malware bytes or any other kind of spyware removal tools. Preventive maintenance is always better than active maintenance.

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How to solve phone and modem option’s error?


Firstly you have to ask from your service provider that there is any server down.

In most occasions the root of these kinds of problems is virus. Only solution for this is, reinstall your system. Computer is infected by these viruses from unknown mail. Be careful when you open unknown mails.

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