How is small size ubuntu better than installing a full Windows?

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How is small size Ubuntu better than installing a full window. How can I make a smooth transition? 

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How is small size ubuntu better than installing a full Windows?



Ubuntu and Windows have their own pros and cons. Ubuntu has many pros compared to Windows such as size, complexity, cost, etc.

Windows and Ubuntu differences

The following points give you the differences between Ubuntu and Windows:

1. Ubuntu has almost all the same desktop features as Windows. It has the tray icon at the lower right corner of the screen, it also shows the frequently used programs. It does not have a start button but the rest of the features are almost the same.

2. The applications available for Windows are more than the applications available for Ubuntu. This is because Ubuntu is not used widely around the world. Ubuntu has all the basic applications needed so you need not worry about that.

3. The security of Linux systems is better when compared to Windows or Mac. If you use a proper anti virus then the chances of your system being accessed illegally are very little.

4. The cost of Ubuntu is zero as it is an open source operating system whereas Windows is a priced operating system.

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