How can i get fb like

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We see in Odesk or in other sites that many people need Facebook likes.

I want to provide them Facebook likes.

But how can i do it?

Anyone of you have any good solution?

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How can i get fb like


Dear Mahfujrahat, 

People do need their Facebook page to be liked which is a part of their advertising strategy. Some of them hire people to do this as you might have seen on odesk and other freelance job sites. Though its not that simple as it seems like. To get a project you must have be registered on their website, have a good reputation and then get lucky to be hired by someone. The employer on the site select someone out of so many applicants.

This is due to liking Facebook page is a very simple task and so many people can do it and are apply for this kind of jobs. I suggest you to first start with simple data entry and also do keep trying your luck with Facebook like projects you see on odesk.

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How can i get fb like


Hello Mahfujrahat!

Well, that sounds an easy job, right? But what exactly you need to do is to ask your friends on Facebook to like the page. As much as possible, ask all of your active and online friends to do it. And it will also be a big help if you  share it on your site or also ask a friend to share it. In that way, you can do the job much easier. And of course, you need to be registered on Odesk first.

Here are the things you need to do:

1. Sign up for Odesk.

2. Once you have registered an account, you will be able to apply to that work.

3. They will give you further instructions and information regarding the job if you're qualified. Sometimes they would need to know how many friends you have on Facebook, for it will be easier to ask people to like the page.

4. Once you're hired, it will be better if you would already type a message you'll be needing to send to your friends on Facebook to like the page containing the link. And yes, do it in a very friendly manner so that they would be more glad to do it for you.

5. Go online as much as possible and always check who is online. Then send each one of them the message.

It will also be a good help if you greet them first like, "How are you?".

And don't forget to thank them in the end.

Hope these steps resolved your query. God bless!

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How can i get fb like


I also have a odesk account and I am a new user.

My friend told me to like the pages and posts about the odesk on Facebook and I did so.

But it did not do much good in getting me jobs.

I had been wondering what I should do to get jobs and I think I have found the answer.

Thank you for the help.

I am now looking for some simple data entry jobs as advised by the experts.

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