Use of network magic uygulama anahtar software

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Can anyone explain about the use of network magic uygulama anahtar software?

As I know it only for file sharing and where will get the free download of network magic uygulama anahtar for my system.

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Use of network magic uygulama anahtar software


Hi Laura,

Network Magic is a chore less network manager developed by Cisco. It has many uses and it has received many positive reviews as well.

The uses are listed below:

  • Automated repair and management system.
  • Use any PC to print a file.
  • Few steps required to set up a home network.
  • Share all sorts of files among the computers within the network.
  • Uses a single screen to manage the entire network.
  • Intrusion protection.
  • Keep your shared folders secured in your laptop when away.
  • New hardware can be added within minutes.
  • Notifications for any new content addition.
  • Keeps track of time spent online.
  • Easy to use in both wired and wireless mode.
  • Installs within minutes.

Although Network Magic has many advantages, it is currently discontinued by Cisco.

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Use of network magic uygulama anahtar software


Hello Laura,

I have some good and I have some bad news for you. Let me start with the good news first. Network Magic is a program that is use to easily manage and protect your home network. This software provides easy tools for you to use to manage your network so you will not have to hire a technician. You could get a free download:

However the bad news is Cisco is the owner of Network Magic and the said: " Network Magic will be no longer available for purchase as of August 31, 2012. Hope this information help you.


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