How to setup a VPN server ?

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Hi experts,

How to setup a VPN server ? 

I want help by you all for me to setup my first VPN access

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How to setup a VPN server ?


Sam, This is how it going to be done.

Installing a VPN server in Windows XP

1st go to start > control panel > Network and Internet Connections > Network Connections

There you'll going to see this.


Click on Create new connection

A wizard will open

Then click Next:


Out of the three choices offered in the window, select "Set up an advanced connection"

Click next:



On the next screen select "Accept incoming connections" Click next:



This screen presents devices you can select for a direct connection. It is possible that no devices will be proposed. Unless you have a special need, you won't need to select one Click next:



From the next window select "Allow virtual private connections":Click next



A list of the system's users appears; simply select or add users authorized to connect to the VPN server:


Then select the list of protocols authorized via the VPN:Remain them same click next.



There u go click finish and you are done.

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How to setup a VPN server ?


Here is a video solution for VPN server setup hope it will help too.

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How to setup a VPN server ?


Thank you both that worked very fine million thanks.

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How to setup a VPN server ?


Experts can you help to make a client account for VPN connectivity with server?

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How to setup a VPN server ?


Since you are asking for the setup procedure for a VPN Server, here is how you can do it on Windows XP.

  1. Select first which workstation or computer you want to use for the server. Go to Network Connections by clicking Start, Control Panel, Network and Internet Connections, then Network Connections.
Setup procedure for VPN Server
  1. On the left panel under Network Tasks, click Create a new connection.
Create a new connection
  1. Click Next when the New Connection Wizard window appears.
New Connection Wizard
  1. Select Set up an advanced connection.
Connect to the internet
  1. On the next screen, select Accept incoming connections.
Accept incoming connections
  1. Click Next on the next page.
New Connections Wizard
  1. On the next page, select Allow virtual private connections.
Connections Devices Direct Parallel
  1. Now you are going to need to create an account which will be used for connecting to the server. This is done by clicking the Add button.
New Connection Wizard User Permissions
  1. This is the setup for adding the user that will be used to access the VPN.
Used to access the VPN
  1. This screen will give the options for the Allocation of IP addresses from the people that are connecting. To do this, click on the “Internet Protocol” and click “Properties”.
Networking Software Internet Protocol
  1. On my network I know that IP addresses over 200 are free, so I have selected the range If you are running a DHCP server you can let it specify the addresses. If in doubt specify manually as it can be changed later and click OK then Next.
Running a DHCP server
  1. Click Finish to close the wizard.
Incoming Connections

You can also watch the videos below.

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