How to send picture SMS over internet?

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When I try to send a picture sms over internet it says me what program I want to use. That time I choose message but it automatically converts to slideshow . What is the easiest way to send picture SMS over internet from my iPhone? Please tell me anyone .


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How to send picture SMS over internet?


Hey Harry,

Pal see technically it is not possible, not a single phone can send picture through SMS. With Short Message service (SMS) you can only send text that to limited to 160 characters. For sending pictures a protocol based on the lines of SMS called Multimedia Message Service (MMS) is used.

PicFree is one app that could help you with this.

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How to send picture SMS over internet?


Greetings Harry Ggaston!

I have found a solution to your problem but you will send it as email and the recipient will receive it as SMS. Here is the step-by-step guide on how to send pictures to SMS.

1. Log in to your email account and then compose new message.

2. In the recipient field enter the person's wireless phone email address.

3. Write your message and then attach the picture in your email.

4. Send the email and it will arrive as SMS to the recipients wireless phone.

I hope this will solve your problem. Have a great day and enjoy.

Best regards,

Jose D Dunn

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How to send picture SMS over internet?


Most iPhone models area unit designed to send and receive text messages with transmission, together with image messages. The iPhone will receive image messages from any sort of phone, together with Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Before attempting to send or receive image messages, guarantee your iPhone is connected to either a cellular or Wi-Fi association. If it's connected and therefore the phone still is not receiving image messages, this might indicate network or hardware issues. Follow The some step i think your problem is solved . 

Step 1
Look at the model vary on the rear of your iPhone. If the model vary is A1203, you will not be ready to receive image messages. the first iPhone does not support transmission transmission Service, or MMS. the other model got to be ready to receive image messages.
Step 2
Attempt to build a choice, notably if you haven't received an image message you are expecting. If the selection does not bear, you either haven't got service enabled on the iPhone or the network is down. In either case, you may be able to contact your wireless organize supplier for any details.
Step 3
Check the icons on the iPhone screen to verify you're connected to a network. If you have got got no bars and aren't connected to a wireless network, there's not any manner for a message to understand you.
Step 4
Open "Settings." decide "General" and select "Software Update." Having Associate in Nursing obsolete version of iOS may slow the speed therewith you receive messages.
Step 5
Ask a friend to send you a picture message. it shouldn't return through quickly. If you are doing not see it in twelve hours, raise another friend to send one. If that one doesn't return through in twelve hours, contact your service provider and lift why your iPhone isn't receiving image messages.


Your got wind of ought to support MMS for you to receive image messages.

All the best

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