How to select multiple layers in Photoshop CS

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I use Photoshop CS for my photo editing work, but I am not an expert. So I need a help.

In my current work I create 5 layers. As show in below-

 Now I want to select 3 layers at a time. But I find no way to do this. What is the problem?

How can I do this?

Please tell me, it’s urgent.

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How to select multiple layers in Photoshop CS


Using MAC or PC? Which CS are you using? Where things are listed will vary slightly from version to version so you'll have to explore your program a little. The location and name might differ but its basically the same thing.

Ok to select multiple layers using MAC, use command-click and then click on all of the layers you want to select. 

Using Windows, use ctrl-click and do the same (click on all layers you want to select). 

Group them  This will be seen as a little chain link in your pallet or do the long version and go layers, group. The layers will then have a chain link between all the grouped layers. Now you have grouped layers. 

To ungroup just click on ungroup.

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