Win XP Error installing game designed for Win 95

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I had recently purchased a laptop running windows XP. I moved all of my data from my old Pentium ii to this laptop. I am very found of playing International Rally championship, but unfortunately this game is not going to run on Windows XP.

Whenever I try to install / run it on my laptop it gives an error saying

progrmam error


This program requires Windows 95.


I cannot afford breaking my 10 years relationship with his game, which is the companion of mine free time. So I humbly ask you to guide me about how to run this game on my new laptop.

Hardware details are as under  Old system Pentium ii 450 MHz windows 95.
New system Pentium M processor with windows XP.


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Win XP Error installing game designed for Win 95


Hey there,

Windows XP, or any recent windows for that matter provide a way for you to try and run applications or games that are compatible with previous versions. What you can try to do is run the exe in Compatible Mode. Here's how you do it:

1. Go to the executable you are running, right click and go to Properties
2. Go to the Compatibility tab and look for the panel Compatibility Mode
3. There you will find a check box with the text beside, Run this in compatibility for, check the checkbox by clicking it
4. Now below it, choose Windows 95 and press OK to exit the window
5. Now try to run your executable again

Hope this works for you

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Win XP Error installing game designed for Win 95


Hi Nadia,

Hope you doing well. The issue/error you raised is quite common when you are going to move your file from some old system which is running at some old system towards a new system. This problem mainly rose due to compatibility issue particularly in Windows XP. Please perform the following issues step by step to resolve this problem.

Have great day.

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