How to Run DCPROMO on Server 2008 – VMware

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In am running window 2008 on VMware and currently want to set up DCPRO as a virtual center which is supported by windows 2008 server as indicated on the manual. Running DCPRO I receive the error below about ports are already in use. Issuing the NETSH – a commands shows the ports are NOT in use. 

Removing the static RPC mapping per KB 92985 fixes the problem. Note the range I used to statically map starts at TCP 49, 172 which does not involve ports mentioned as already in use. See below.

Any idea what is going on?

The error is as follows:

Active Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard

The TCP ports shown below are required by Active Directory Domain

Services, but are already in use on this computer.

389 Idap

In order to install Active Directory Domain Services. you must first make these

ports available by removing or reconfiguring the services that are currently

using the ports.

After the ports have been made available. you may restart the Active

Directory Domain Services Installation Wizard.


I searched over the internet, and I got some information regarding this error which I do not understand very well. To be honest a more descriptive error message would help and then perhaps I would be able to search the problem error online. But am stuck with an error I do not understand. Issuing the command NETSH – shows no use of the above mentioned ports.

Please help.

Thank you.

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How to Run DCPROMO on Server 2008 – VMware



You should be able to do this and it will require when separate DC's via Firewalls and limit the port ranges that can be traversed (not for DCPROMO, but other applications that use dynamic ports). The systems in question are in a lab so I am attempting to ferret out the ramifications of static RPC mapping and this is one of them indeed.

Please go through the fallowing information to determine the essential ports in the windows operation and active directory.

Service overview and network port requirements for the Windows Server system.

Active Directory Replication over Firewalls.

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