How to restore dell laptop to factory settings

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Restoring a Dell PC factory default form removes all of the archives on the hard drive and reinstalls the OS, as well as one branded bids that were shipped with the PC. In the past, users would duty to reinstall the OS on a Dell PC using recovery discs, but since the release of the fresher OSes alike W Vista and WI 7, the recovery software is extra commonly connected to the hard drive, and the refurbishment.

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How to restore dell laptop to factory settings

"1.        Endorsement important files and data. If you do not endorsement your files, you will lose them.
2.        Turn off  the PC
3.        Separate everything, then the monitor, keyboard and mouse.
4.        If your CPU  is cropped, remove it from the docking place.
5.        As the company logo appear on the screen, press F8 many  times to open the Progressive Boot Options menu.
6.       Use the Arrow key to go to Repair  Your PC and before press Enter.
7.        By entering into the System Recovery Options, select a the keyboard design and tick Next.
8.        On the subsequent screen you can log in as a local user plus the Administrator.
9.        Now it on your configuration you can check it by going into the Dell factory tools  and  Dell Factory Image Restore.
10.        Tick Next to open the Settle Data Deletion menu.
11.        Select the Absolutely, again format the derive and return system software to the new box condition and tick Resulting.
12.        Later when the process is the complete then click on the option to the restart.
13.        Return any data or programs you want from backup files.

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