How to resolve Skype error Disk Full?

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After installing Skype Version 5 on my Windows 7 computer, I started receiving a Disk Full error from Skype. This happen in no specific time. The error will just appear after few hours of using it then I will sign back in again then the next day it will happen again. I tried re-installing Skype 4.1 but the error still shows up. How can I resolve this? Can someone help? Thanks.

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How to resolve Skype error Disk Full?



This is a common error coming from the latest versions of Skype.  This occurs when your offline file cache is full and the user profile cannot be synchronized. If this cannot be synchronized correctly, then you will encounter problem on using Skype or will lead to Skype not working at all.

To fix this:

Method 1. Rename the folder Skype

  • Go to Application Data then rename your Skype folder on your Windows 7:


  • For Windows XP Users:

C:Document and SettingsApplication DataSkype

Method 2. Run Check Disk

  • Click Start button then Run
  • Type cmd on the search box
  • Then type this on your windows command prompt:

                chkdsk /f /r

  • Press Enter
  • Follow the on screen instructions.

Method 3. Re-install Skype

  • Click Start then go to Control Panel
  • Double-click Add/Remove Programs
  • Locate Skype then Uninstall
  • Restart your computer
  • Then re-install Skype by double-clicking the Skype icon.
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How to resolve Skype error Disk Full?


Thank you for your support. I am able to use my skype again. You are really the best.

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How to resolve Skype error Disk Full?


The “Disk Full” message normally appears on the system tray when your hard disk doesn’t have enough space to install a program or you are running out of space on your system drive. If that message always appears after installing Skype and appears in random time, check your system drive or drive C if you are running out of space.

If you have very little space left, try cleaning up your system to free up some space. Go to Download CCleaner then download and install the free version. Once installed, run CCleaner and clean your system. Next, download PC Tools Performance Toolkit. Follow the instructions to download and unpack and then install it.

Once installed, run PC Tools then go to “Privacy” tab and run all the tools except “Bleach Disks” and “Shred Files”.

PC Tools Performance Toolkit privacy cleaners

After this, try running Skype again and see if the message disappears. Since you are using Skype, download the latest Skype for Windows.

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