How to rename wifi win7?

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How to rename wifi win7? I bought this dlink router last week and planning to ask a friend to properly set it up in my room’s computer desktop. I am just thinking if how I can rename a wireless internet connection. Give me some idea or a step by step instruction to be followed. Thanks.


Waiting for your support.

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How to rename wifi win7?


Hello Kristin,


               Here you go- Just go to Control Panel, now select  Network and Internet . In that Go to Network and Sharing Centre, Now Go to Manage Wireless Networks, now click on the Wireless Network which you want to rename and hit F2 and rename it. Thats it and you're done.

Hope it resolved your query.


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How to rename wifi win7?

Hello pal,
Sometimes it is very important to change current network connection that we are using to one that suit us the best. We do this mostly to cut down the cost and also to make it much easier to access those network connections without a hunch. This is how you go about it;
Ø Go into control panel this panel allows you to change any setting in your computer.
Ø Skip all the info and click on to Network and internet. Under network and internet you will be able to change any network connections.
Ø Keep going and click on Network and sharing cent.
Ø  Go further and click on manage wireless and network, the list of network connections will pop up on your screen. Please choose the one you want and click on it. Click on f2 on your screen and rename your new internet connection. That is all.


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How to rename wifi win7?



Hi there Kristin:

Click Start, type ‘cmd’ on the search box, then hit the Enter button on your keyboard. And then type ‘ipconfig’ (to get your IP address).

Now log into your router by typing the IP Address on the URL box. Then you can view the details of your Wi-Fi connection. Rename your Wi-Fi name (you can also opt to change your password if you want). When you’re done, don’t forget to click ‘Save.’

Thank you for asking.

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