How to Remove Write Protection on Pen Drive?

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Hi Experts!

I am having issue on using my USB pen drive. Whenever I want to copy files on it, an error is appearing stating that it is write-protected and so I need to remove it first or just use another disk.

How can I remove write-protection on my pen drive?

Please help me.

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How to Remove Write Protection on Pen Drive?



This is a common problem that we had to face.

This problem occurs because of the virus affection. The viruses automatically make the storage device rite protected.

This can happens not only to the pen drive but also for the hard drive when you are using it.

After happening this you can’t access the storage device any more.

You can’t copy, paste, delete, or even open the affected storage device.

It gives the error message of the storage device is write protected.

You can easily overcome from this problem very easily.

Just follow the few steps in this article

Thank you.

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How to Remove Write Protection on Pen Drive?



Write protection on your hard drive can be removed by simply pressing an unlock button that is on your drive. Just check your pen drive properly; you should see a protection lock somewhere on it. Sometimes the lock is quite small and so you may even end up thinking it is not there, but I am sure your pen drive should be having it. Once you have located it, unlock it and you will be able to use your drive without trouble.

Otherwise your pen drive could be infected by a virus that you will have to remove by formatting the pen drive.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung.

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