Best browser for gaming on faceBook

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Hi there,

I like to play the games on FaceBook, but some of them don't work with my browser IE. 

They say to use Chrome or Mozilla Firefox but the trouble is that flash keeps crashing. 

Is there another browser out there I can use?

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Best browser for gaming on faceBook


I am using Mozilla Firefox for quite so long when playing FaceBook games and i never had a problem using it.

Have you check on the reason why your Flash keeps on crashing?

Try to update to the most recent version of Flash Player from the Adobe website and install it on your computer.

Or try to turn off the sandbox. If you are still getting errors and you are still looking for other browser you can try Opera Avant Safari and a lot more.



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Best browser for gaming on faceBook


Hello Hansen,

You should not have any problems while playing the games they run on Facebook using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. May be you have some other problems on your computer or net connection.

You can do one thing, if your net connection is wireless or you have any other computers nearby then try your net connection on any other computer and see if even then, you have the problems.

If so your trouble is in the net connection or else on the PC. Besides you can try downloading the browsers again so if there are any problems in the browser it will be hopefully gone. And as an alternate you can use OPERA Or PROXY SERVER.

To download and install Opera Next 12, please watch this video


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Best browser for gaming on faceBook


Well for me its Mozilla Firefox because its the most stable browser and as fast as goggle chrome,yes it does crash with adobe flash player,but there is some technique in order to avoid those crashes that happened on Firefox.

One of the thing that you should keep in mind is to make sure that you have the latest update for the adobe flash player or plug ins,you can check on the adobe flash player website if you have the latest version of the flash player or the plug ins.

If you don't have it yet you should download it on their website beside its free to download and just install this application that you need to play those flash games on FaceBook.

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