How to recover USB Flash password

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I bought a TDK 8GB Flash Disk. This flash disk will enable you to partition your files into two. One is without password and the other one is protected with password. I have my important files saved on the protected partition. Everything including important documents and photos. The problem is whenever, I typed my password; the flash disk will have an error box. The error is;


Password error. please try again

Error times: 1/6

There is no way that i forgot my password. But when I input a password, the flash disk asked for a hint. I typed the password and the hint correctly. And yet the error appears. And all I can access now is the non protected partition. But for now, I really need to open my important documents for printing. How can I fix this?

Is there software that can remove the password for this?

I am using it on my Windows Vista Ultimate. I don't want to try another password because I might lose my files when I reached the maximum limit for inputting a wrong password. Can someone here help me?

I couldn't find any support on problems like this in TDK website. Please help.

Thank you.

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How to recover USB Flash password



I have got to know your problem. To solve your query I personally bought one tdk flash and did patent on it. I created the situation like yours. I told my friend to set up a password and told him to go to his place, because I wanted to create the situation like yours. So when I did so then I tried many software and tools to modify the password but sorry to say no-one was workable. Finally I called my friend and he gave me the right password. So, I have a genuine idea, believe me I have tested it personally.

What I did is, I formatted all data from flash drive using  formatting software. You will get it online just Google. Then after doing So, I downloaded software from pantersoft, you can use this link to download the software After downloading I just perform some task with this software, and just believe me I got whole data as it is without encryption.

Hope my solution will help you. But I will recommend you to consult the flash company for this. 


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How to recover USB Flash password


There's a lot if site that can teach and help you how to recover your forgotten password in your USB Flash Disk. You can visit

This site gave you a lot of website that you can visit to learn how to recover your password. But I recommend the Windows Password Recovery BoothDisk 2.0 ( This site is just 3 steps to recover your password. I highly recommend it because you can easily remove password on any Windows and restore password hashes.

Download it and recover your password so you can use your flash disk again. 

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How to recover USB Flash password


Wow siddarth, you really bought one just to help me out. That is very nice of you. And thank you for giving me support.  I manage to fix the issue. Thank you so much to both of you.

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