How to put links in comment

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How to put links to comment

I want to promote my site by commenting on other blogs. I found out that you can put your links in comments without putting your whole url. What i mean is how can you put your url in words and make that word as a link to your blog?

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How to put links in comment


Hello Maria,

Its pretty simple. First of all enter the word where you want to show the website in the link button or just click Control + Shift + A on the keyboard. The screenshot of it is given below. Now in the popup window just enter the link I mean the entire link starting from http. If this doesn't work then type the entire url manually. Don't forget to use the HREF command. Let me go ahead an share an example-

<a href="HTTP: / /Enter the URL">enter the text you want</a>

Thats it and now you can post it to your blog using attractive words for your favorite URL's.

Have fun!!

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How to put links in comment


There are different ways to this. It depends on where are you going to post. Now you can try the different solution below and see if which ever works fine with. But I tell you some of it might work on forum1 for example and not in forum2.  Here are the steps:

Solution 1. Simply open you site on a different Tab or Window in your web browser. Copy and Paste it on where are you posting a comment.

Solution 2. You can use the anchor tag. It goes like this <a href = "">Example Blog</a>.

Solution 3. If their text editor for comments has a button for "Hyperlink" or "Link" or "URL" then you can click it and check where you will input the link.

Solution 4. Some will accept a link like this [URL = ""]Example Blog[/URL].

Your post can always be edit so you can make a trial and error on which of this will work best.

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