How to program a bitcoin architecture

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I have bee interested in the forex bit count and wanted to know the minimum hardwire requirement for me me get this going? Is there a way that I can run this bit coin on someone else's machine as in sharing tasks to ease and improve on performance? How much is the overall cost to setup this?

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How to program a bitcoin architecture


Hello Gerald!

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer network architecture in the Internet. Computers that participates in the network are interconnected to one another.

Your first question: You wanted to know the hardware requirement for Bitcoin architecture.

Answer: Minimum requirements are as not as high as any software requires. Since the job or architecture is divided equally to all computers connected a minimum hard disk and RAM available in the market is sufficient.

Your second question: Can you share tasks on someone else’s machine?

Answer: Yes! Bitcoin architecture loads all task properly and equally to all nodes or computer interconnected.

Your third question: How to set up Bitcoin?

Answer: You need to have a Bitcoin wallet to store your profit. You can get Bitcoins as accepting payments for goods or services. You can use Bitcoins in payment. There are various merchants accepting payments like this and also for you to be able to gain visibility.

You can follow simple instructions in this site BITCOIN SITE >>>

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