How to print on envelopes?

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I'm used to printing pages with letter and legal sizes of papers but recently my friend wants me to print on a handful of envelopes, almost 100 short envelopes with sender and recipient addresses. I knew there is something MS Word can do on this, please help me how. Thanks.

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How to print on envelopes?



To print envelopes using MS WORD try these simple steps:

  • Prepare the envelope in to your printer.
  • Open your MS Word.
  • Just click the tab written in Mailings from the top of your window, and simply click the envelopes, in that section you can create a ribbon section.
  • Now click the options button and drop down menu located under the Envelope size, then select  a type of envelope that you want to print.
  • Click the options in the printing menu in your window, then simply click and option that correspond in how the envelope will be fed into your printer, then click ok.
  • Input the address of your recipient in the delivery field, then the return address in the return address field
  • Print.
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How to print on envelopes?


Hello Stanizford,

Very simple steps to follow. But you didn’t mention which office version you are using? So I will tell you about both.

In MS word 2003 or below:

  • In Menu click “Tools” then “Letters and Mailing” and “Envelopes and Labels”.
  • (Remaining steps same as version 2007 or above). 

In MS word 2007 and above:

  • In Menu bar come to “Mailings” click “Envelopes”. 

Now click “options” set the size of envelope and printing layout according to printer tray and your requirement, click OK once. Provide delivery address. Click “Add to Document”.

See print preview to verify and then give print command.


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