How to ping a computer in a multi-submask environment

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Is it possible to ping a computer that is connected to more than one physical adapter; wireless and Cabled connection? what address would you use to ping the computer? How can you establish the number of computers within the network if the they have different sub-masks but connect to several default gateways? Is there a way that all the different subnet can be listed and how can I achieve this?

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How to ping a computer in a multi-submask environment

A LAN (local area network) is create automatic. If your computer system having a network adapter and its connect to your network. 
If you are having a multiple network adapter and cots all connected to the network.
You need to use that IP addresses to communicate over the TCP/IP. 
There is following ways to configure the IP address for the windows server.
First you can manually set the IP address that called as static IP address. Static IP address are not change unless if you wont going to change. Because its fixed. Usually you need to assign the static IP address to 
your window server. When you had done this. You will have to configure additional information to help the server e to the network.
Then you can use DHCP is set dynamically. The address can change according to the time and IP addressing having its default configuration.
Now the third, You having the alternative IPV4. When you configure with DHCP4 and DHCPv4 server is available. The window server provides the alternative IP address automatically.
Now i will explain that how to configure the static IP address. When you are using the static IP address. You have to tell your computer system to use their IP address for the subnet mask.
For the inter network communication use the default gateway. IP address always be a numeric identifier for the computer.
Here, You need to use the PING command to check for the address. In this before you are going to assign a static IP address. You are sure that address is not use before with DHCP. With the ping command.
You need to check the address weather that address is used or not. You need to type the ping command and open for the prompt command.
You want to test or check, You need to use the following command:-
Ping  IPV4 address(
If you want to check for the IPCV^, You need to use the command:-
Ping IPVC6(fec0::02bc:ff:becb:fe4f:961d)
If you will  have been receive the successful from the ping test. Then you can try for another one.
Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Request timed out.
Ping statistics for
packets: sent = 4, received = 0, lost = 4 (100% loss)
 If you want to configure the multiple IP address and gateways there are following steps:
You need to click on the start , Go to the network and go to the network sharing center on the toolbar.
After that click on the manage network connection. Now you should click on the right then you select the properties.
Now you should double click on the internet protocol for the IP address configuring.
Now you need to click on advanced TCP/IP setting dialog box.
There is following figure to get easily understand:
Then add IP address then you need to enter the subnet mask in the subnet mask field for the IPV4 for prefix length.
Now the default gateway shows the current gateway that you configured .
Then you need to click on ok. then close the open dialog box.

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