How to password protect a single file?

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Security is necessary for everything. Every day we create lots of files & folders. Actually all files is not necessary to protect. Sometimes we need to protect our files. Protection means security. That's why asking about how to password protect a single file. I can hide, but can't password protect. Can anyone help me?

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How to password protect a single file?



Protecting Single File with Password:

With the latest technology if Microsoft Windows Operating System, You can protect your files individually using the security features of windows. You can limit the access to a given folder or file by setting the security access. You make your folder or file accessible only by User A but not in User B or User A and User B has the access to the file or folder but not by User C.

You can also set permission on how the behaviour of the file when access. You can set it as Read only when User A accesses it. And just view in the Directory but not allowed to edit or open the files. That’s how the Windows Security features are powerful.

I have some workaround to make your file password protected. There are so many available compression applications on the internet. You can have free software like 7 zip or buy license software like WinRAR or just run it in a trial mode. These tools are for compression and encrypting your files.

Have a caution for using these tools. Sometimes compressed files are corrupted so before moving your files to a compressed file be sure that the compressed file is working. Making a compress is just a simple as counting 123. All you need to have is the compressing tool. I will give you an example for this. Let’s say we have the WinRAR installed in our computer. Here’s the procedure:

1.   Explore the file you want to protect with a password.

2.   Right Click on the file then on the pop-up menu select Add to archive.

3.   WinRAR wizard/dialog box pops-up. On the General tab, you may change the Archive name but by default archive name is the name of the file you want to encrypt.

4.   Click the Advanced tab then click Set password button.

5.   Archiving with password appears. Key-in the password in the Enter password input box.

6.   Click Ok.

7.   Click Ok once more to begin making the archive.

8.   Test the archive. Extract files from the archive and if it is successful, delete the original file.

You may also use the 7zip for this option also WinZip does the trick.

Another option for this is using the Folder Lock. Folder Lock secures your file and folders. You cannot open files and even folders that are protected by the Folder Lock. It is just like vaulting your files and folders in a secured vault. You will just drag files or folders inside the vault or the folder lock.

Set the security for your vault and keep the password so that you will never lose your file because when you lost your password, you will never open your files and folders anymore. It is just like losing your Vault keys and securities. There are some back doors for this program but not of all people knows about this. But still fracturing the vault sometimes leads you to break the files inside it.

The best alternative for this is, if this file is made in Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel or the like even Open Office applications, you may attached password for these files. A Microsoft application has the options to save files with password protection. Here’s how to make the password protection:

1.   Open the file in Microsoft Office Word.

2.   Click File the Save As.

3.   On the right side of the Save As dialog box toolbar, click Tools.

4.   On the pop-up menu select Security Options.

5.   A security dialog box appears.

6.   On the File encryption options for this document, type your password to open on the input box.

7.   On the File sharing options for this document, type your password to modify on the box.

8.   Click Ok

9.   Then click Save to save your document with encryption or password.

For more details about encryption on your word processor or spreadsheet application please refer to their help file.


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How to password protect a single file?



Maybe you should try this: just make new folder on your desktop then rename it as (no name) or rename it as this code (Alt 0160), just hold "alt then press 0160 then released then the folder have no name just like on the picture below.

Note: (the 0160 is the number on the numpad).

alt then press 0160 then released then the folder have no name

Then the folder no name is inaccessible /or you can't find it on the search. Because that folder don’t have name. Or maybe you should change the icon of that folder just like this:

change icon as tree

On that folder you can put you files on it, then Hide it. like this:

right click-properties properties window-hidden option
  • Then ok. Your folder is now accessible now.
  • If you want to see it again this is how.
  • Go to my computers then tools then folder options then view then show hidden files and folders then ok.
my computers-tools-folder options general tab-folder options button show hidden files and folders ok button-That what to open hidden files

That what to open hidden files.

Hope it helps you.

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How to password protect a single file?



Hello Mr khan,

It can be done by several ways most popular two techniques are given below:

1. Without software

2. With software

Some folder locking softwares is available in the market you can use any of them some list of folder locking software are given below

1. Folder Security

2. Lock My PC v4.4

3. Instant Lock

You can use any of the above for your file protection.

Thanks and Regards



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