How to optimize the library for ATLAS software.

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I would like to optimize the library after the installation.

How I can make a link with ‘ATLAS’ library?

How can I avoid the object files?

What are the ‘LAPACK’ routines used by  ‘ATLAS’?

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How to optimize the library for ATLAS software.


ATLAS is a research project and software package all in one.

It stands for Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software.

Its purpose is to provide portable optimal linear algebra software.

Almost all routines on in the software are competitive with machine specific version almost known to architecture.

There is a define hierarchy though, when it comes to optimizations in ATLAS:

  • Level 3 BLAS are very general in their optimizations, and will be competitive on almost all cache-based architectures possessing a decent ANSI/ISO C compiler.
  • The provided LAPACK routines utilize a recursive algorithm that should yield reliably better results than the more common statically-blocked algorithms.
  • The Level 1 and 2 BLAS are less general, and may not perform as well on significantly different architectures.

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