How to open kgb file on winzip

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Hi everyone


I want to exchange large Videos files over the internet and I have read an article, which had expressed it would be a good idea using KGB, which is a program that can compress large files. I want to knowDoes it works with Winzip and if it is yes, How to open kgb file on winzip?

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How to open kgb file on winzip


Hi Lwis,

In order to view .KGB archives, you will need a tool called "KGB Archiver". "KGB Archiver" is designed to achieve a very high compression ratio. As a consequence, the program is relatively memory and CPU intensive.

It has ten levels of compression, from very weak to maximum. Never try to use the highest level of compression with old computer, as it will take very long time to compress a file(s).

"KGB Archiver" can be found here to download.

Download the latest Beta 2 version as it features improved compression and decompression algorithm. 

I hope this helps you.

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How to open kgb file on winzip



KGB archive compresses data and software on higher rate then the zip, rar or arj standard.

With that it allows user to store large data into small files and save up some disk space.

For opening .kgb archive files you can use KGB Archiver. KGB Archiver can be downloaded from Sourceforge.

Link is hire KGB Archiver utility. Also, there is a second type of .kgb files, those files are Z80 Spectrum ROM-s .

Queen Norman

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